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Monthly Development Update - August 2012

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2012, 13:39
by Alb
A new Development Update is out, while as usually not tooo concrete it is give a "teaser" about the new area in Development, incl. dungeon, raid and loot content together with some concept art..

When will that come ... good question. Due to the recent restructuring probably Funcom doesn't know .. but at least sounds a bit exciting :).

information   Information
This is a harder update than usual update to write. There might have been a temptation to talk around the proverbial elephant in the room. However that really didn't sit right with us, so this update will cover the questions that I am sure are on the lips of many of you, and that is what does the future hold for Age of Conan?

Many of you will have already heard that Funcom has had to reduce our operational costs. You can read the official statement here. This meant that all the teams were affected in some capacity. Yes, there were some cuts to the Age of Conan team as well. However, the team that remains is still large enough to continue with the current content plans, just with a few adjustments, and probably a slight delay or two here and there depending on progress.

The team has not been "cut down to the bone" and we have retained all the personnel required to do game updates and keep adding new content into the game. Age of Conan benefited in that regard from the fact that we were already run as a partly separate production unit. Therefore we have been able to retain enough staff to keep the content coming for our loyal players.

It will, however, mean things are done a little differently. [...]

It includes a bit about the following headlines:
  • Moving forward!
  • The new location!
  • PAX this weekend
  • Until next month

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