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Lucasarts / film

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2012, 09:32
by Alb
Not quite "Old Repulic Related" but otherwise surprising news:

Disney buys Lucasfilm / Lucasarts for over $4 billon .... and 3 new SW movies following from 2015 onwards

Ok ... I had to check my calendar that it was 31st October and not 1st April ... nope ... it is 31st October.

Lucasarts / film

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2012, 10:53
by Saerhimnir
Well, not that surprising given the overall Disney-feeling of the 3 newest movies :p
Next movie will most likely see Goofy as Jar-jar Binks and Donald Duck as Jabba the Hut... :D

Lucasarts / film

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2012, 04:58
by Wotsefer
I am disappointing. I am a big fan of Star Wars .. They ruined TRON, now they will ruin the cuty Ewoks T-T

Lucasarts / film

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2012, 08:58
by Alb
I'm not sure that they are going to ruin it. Some might argue it can;t get any worse then umm ep 1 to 3. Well .. it can get worse ;).

The things would be how Disney as a company would treat "cannon" and "continuity" in the long term, specifically with regards to the rich and expanding EU. In the short term it will, most likely, be business as usual and might actually be beneficial ... at least for the ep7 in the long term, who knows. But then Disney did a reasonable good job with recent Marvel releases. Not sure what there input was there, but it did turn out quite well ... of you like Marvel at all that is.

Haven;t seen the "new Tron" yet ... ;).

What in the end surprised me ... beside the fact that it actually happened is that Pixar is valued higher then Star Wars as an overall franchise.

Ah well ... we will see what 1313 and 2015 will bring :).