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Server Consolidation into "Super" Servers - Red Eclipse

Postby Alb » 17 Sep 2012, 20:57

The next step is taking place tomorrow (Tuesday, 18/09/2012), after the "free transfer" .. everyone is transfered onto several "super" servers .. upgrade HM, database and what not ...

information   Information
Earlier this summer we launched the Free Character Transfer Program which offered players the option to transfer their characters from specific origin servers to selected higher population destination servers. Following the success of the Free Character Transfer Program, and after closely monitoring server populations, we have now taken the next step in our on-going server population balancing process. We have upgraded destination servers in order to support a significantly higher number of players. In addition to this, all characters on origin servers have now been automatically transferred to be consolidated onto the upgraded destination servers. By centralizing our player populations on these higher population destination servers, we feel that we can offer our players the best possible Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ experience.

As a result, you may find that some of your characters are now located on a different server. If your characters have been moved, you can find their new location on the server selection screen by clicking on the "Characters" column. Please be aware that no characters have been deleted as part of this process – all of your characters are still available to you and are ready to play!

More info can be found:
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