New event - Chevin & Nar Shaddaa

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New event - Chevin & Nar Shaddaa

Postby Alb » 14 Aug 2012, 09:31

There will be a new Event coming up. No details about the "start date" yet, but a "promo" video has been released.

For a short time only, The Chevin Conglomerate is offering great riches to anyone who brings them rare and unique items. Scattered across all parts of the galaxy, these items must be retrieved before the Chevin return to their home in the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim! Be cautious as some within both the Republic and Imperial governments wonder if there is something more sinister driving the Chevin and their quest to acquire these goods...

A discussion thread on the SW-forums:

AllisonBerryman wrote:The event hasn't started yet, but keep your eyes open!

Source: ... stcount=27

Ok OK .. that was yesterdays post ... today I read the following:

information   Information
[Warning #1: Just in case I'm revealing spoilers, please do NOT look over what I have covered in the spoilers. Thank you!]

So approximately at 3:00am EST/12am PST, the Nar Shaddaa World Event had started! Apparently you get mail after you pick-up the mission and it tells you to go to the Coruscant Cantina! I also stated that the mission was Level 50, but it's adaptive so it'll change to the level your character is.

Hmm, just discuss the World Event here and see what you think. I'll update this post once I get more exclusive info on this event!


I left the spoiler section out ;)

Another "in-progress" guide to the Event: ... -coverage/
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