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BoA Republic Side - Red Eclipse

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2012, 15:09
by Alb
Due to popular demand and the fact that you will need 1 character on each side of the "Great Divide" (within the same legacy) to get HK-51**.

I proudly present:

"Brotherhood of Adversity"

Inviter: Me (Albae), Officers (Imp. side), Skewiff (on his Rep Alt (Elizabet)).
For invites, check on the Imp side for who is there

This, at present, is a social platform and not a too organizes forum, as the focus still is (and will be) on the Imperial Side. :)

* apology to any female member of the Guild for the "brotherhood" thingy, it was a mix between different submitted suggestions (3 different actually :) ).

** that is the inferior model without the fear inducing rust-red colour.