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Attention: Old "" URL - Update 02/11/2015

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2015, 15:39
by Alb
Dear All *poke*,

update (02/11/2015): Finally the issues with the .eu and .net addresses have been resolved. :)

In case you come here be accident or looking around. You have come to the RIGHT place. :)

At present "" and "" have issues. Therefore I've moved the forums to this address ( for the time being. So do not be confused ;).

Unfortunatly I had to rely on an old database back-up. Therefore ANY changes (posts, messages, password changes, etc.) for the past 1.5 years are unfortunatly not captured.

I hope I still see you here from time to time. Otherwise have a great time all and thank you all for the time we had in Age of Conan and later :).

Best Regards,